SearchNPick for Maya


Friendly animation picker for Autodesk Maya, create and share your pickers!


SearchNPick v1.3.0 Animation Picker for Autodesk Maya 2018.

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Free trial restrictions:

  • No Save/Open option.
  • Maximum of 10 buttons.

Key features:

  • Drag and Drop interface that works when you drag from Outliner, Hypershade, etc.
  • Embed Mel script commands to any button expands a lot of powerful possibilities.
  • Expand your icon library, just copy and paste it to the /icons folder.
  • Save/Open to share your picker with your coworkers, or to include it with your rigs.
  • Customize the color of each button, to the extend of changing the border color, border radius, hover color, pressed color, etc.
  • Grid option to enhance precision.
  • Change background image.
  • Powerful search widget included, which enables you to search by keyword in your whole Maya scene, filtering by polygons, curves, cameras, locators, or constraints.

To install:

  1. Copy this whole folder (SearchNPick) to your maya/scripts/ folder.
  2. Launch a new Maya session (Or type rehash; command in a mel tab)
  3. Run this command in a python tab:

import SearchNPick


  • (Control + Middle Mouse) will scale the buttons.
  • (Middle Click) to move the button around.
  • (Right Click) to edit button.
  • (Left Click) to execute embedded Mel and/or select the content in the viewport.
  • Drag and Drop with middle button from the Outliner to create a new button (Maya 2018 only)


  • Include other widgets like SpinBox, LineEdits, RadioButtons and CheckBox for the user to add into the workspace.
  • Grouping buttons together.
  • Layers to hide/show.
  • Embedded python commands.
  • Change namespaces.
  • Zoom in/out.
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